International Day of Disabled Persons

The aim is to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for well being, dignity and rights of persons with disabilities.
#WorldDisabilityDay #Dignity #Rights

On #WorldDisabilityDay “Gautam Gambhir” says “It’s not our disabilities, it’s our abilities that count.” and asked for a little support from all of us to show to #Disable persons and to motivate them for taking a step ahead.

#UNICEF India is a part of ICDS(Integrated Child Development Services) which is organised by the Government of #India. Here Jhonson’s mother shows her worries towards the acceptance for her child in his school.
#ForEveryChild #WorldDisabilityDay #Acceptance #Mother

Let’s take a pledge to promote the rights ,dignity and well being of persons with disabilities in all society and development.

Here is the true talent which we can see in the moves of the boy dancing. His passion towards dance can not be left behind because of his disability. They have the courage to show the talent they hold! They are the true learners . Their willingness to grab the things makes them different.
#Passion #Dance #Courage #Learners #Willingness #WorldDisabilityDay

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