Instead of Allowing Women Inside Inner Sanctum, Temple Has Banned Men Too

In an unexpected implementation of the Bombay High Court’s verdict giving equal rights to women and men to enter temples, the Trimbakeshwar Temple in Maharashtra has decided to ban men from entering its inner sanctum.

“The decision was taken to ensure equal treatment to both men and women,” said Lalita Shinde, one of the temple’s trustees.

According to another trustee of the ancient temple, the ban on the entry of women into the inner sanctum is an age-old practice dating back to the Peshwa period. Even men were allowed into the temple only between 6 and 7 am.

While it is not known whether these priests have conducted a survey to see whether women want to enter the inner sanctum or not, this implementation of the Court’s ruling seems a lot like jugaad. It seems like an attempt to keep women out of the inner sanctum at any cost.

Isn’t it kind of sexist? Share your opinion.

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