India’s First Pod Taxi will be run in Noida by the end of 2024

India is taking the first step towards a game-changing mode of transport that could redefine the way we travel. It is set to get its first pod taxi between Noida International Airport, Jewar to Film City, sector 21, Noida. With this project, Uttar Pradesh will be the first state to introduce pod taxis in India. However,  they are already in use at Heathrow Airport in London, Singapore, Dubai and more.

It has got approval from the Yamuna authority. The development work will start soon after it has all the due clearances from the government. After final approval, it is assumed that pod taxis will be available by the end of 2024. This project will cost 810 crore.

Pod taxis are electric cars that are driverless and can transport 4-6 passengers at once. It runs on tracks that are designated for these taxis only. From these tracks, pod taxis can source power. These are environment-friendly, cost-efficient and convenient as well. 

As per the early estimates, 37000 passengers will travel via these taxis on a daily basis. 

In the initial proposed project, the taxi will run on a 14.6 km track from Jewar Airport to Filmcity. There will be 12 stops in the route and it will cover places like the Handicraft Park, Apparel Park, Sector 33, Toy Park, Sector 32, MSME Park, and Sector 29.

According to some people, it is useless because India is the Most populous country and it needs a travel solution of massive capacity.  But according to some people, it is a good project as it will provide a convenient solution who travel between this route.
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