In just 1 month, Laapataa Ladies beatAnimal with 13.8 million views on Netflix

Interestingly, the movie released on May 1,2024 ‘Laapataa Ladies’ beat Animal movie record with
13.8 million views, while animal movie had 13.6 million views, in just 1 month in Netflix. This
achievement indicates that the choice of audience is shifting, and it’s a very big milestone for
the film and its creator, actors, and director, etc. This popular film is directed by Kiran Rao,
attracting a great audience with its original plot.

This film uses an informative and funny storyline, explores the rural life of women, and gains so
much popularity. The reason for this popularity is the ability of a large population and attracting
viewers from a variety of backgrounds. The movie’s success is amazing, particularly in light of
“Animal,” a well-known release featuring Bollywood superstar Ranbir Kapoor.

A hype created for ‘Animal directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s’ and its promotion was
predicted to have more viewership. But Laptaa ladies gain so many views because of the
interesting story and providing the content with a compelling story. Moreover the wide audience
on Netflix is also another reason for the popularity of the film.

The movie may also get more popularity because of streaming on the running algorithm which
includes the ranking or recommendation on Netflix. According to the statement given by Director
Kiran Rao, his appreciation and gratitude toward the co-worker. The factor of the wide
appreciation of the movie is the hard work of the film producer, and other co-worker, and the
storyline of the movie.

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