In BigBoss 12 Love Affair of Anup Jalota & Jasleen Matharu is a rumor revealed

When the famous 65-year-old devotional and ghazal singer, Anup Jalota, entered in Bigboss with his 28-year-old girlfriend, Jasleen Matharu,  as the Vichitra Jodi and made the audience stunned and set the internet ablaze after declaring their relationship on national television, and the thing which left everyone in most surprised is that both of them have been dating each other for three-years (as per of the resources).

Before entering the mega show BigBoss, Jasleen made a shocking statement while interviewing with a prominent newspaper where she said that it going to be a huge shock for her family and her friends because no one has any idea of her relationship with Anup Jalota, where she also added that both of them due to their hectic schedules do not get enough time to spend with each other outside, but in BigBoss house they will get ample time with each other and will get to know each other well to find out if both of them can stay together the rest of their life or not.

With this statement, Matharu clears that, there is no future plan they having to be together yet concretely, but as we all know how the relationships get change in the Bigboss house in a single day, only with the time we will all get to know.

She also said that, for her, age difference has never been an issue and after entering the house they would see the genuine reaction of the public and opinion also, on their relationship.

Jasleen’s father in one of his interview with the media house unveiled about hearing his daughter’s affair with Anup Jalota that he was not aware of this relationship, in fact, when Jasleen was approached for the Bigboss she needed a “Jodidar” and for that he asked Anup to go with her as a “Guru and Shishya” Jodi, but he denied and said he is old enough for the show, he has so many concerts to perform for, but then he agreed on the request. But with their announcement about their love affair on the national television, they stopped watching the show.


The day when the show came on-air, everybody started to post their mark-able reactions on this:



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