Hyderabad TCS Office get Hoax Bomb Threatening Call, 1500 Employees Evacuated

On Wednesday, the TCS office of Hyderabad received a bomb threat call. The unidentified call was made to the security department. The caller informed them that the bomb is in the Office premises.  At the time of call, 1500 employees were present in the office.

The official informed the Police immediately and started an evacuation operation. Within a few minutes, All the employees were out of the office area.

The police arrived with the bomb disposal unit and started to search for bomb. All the areas were investigated carefully and nothing could be found out.

Later, It was found that the call was a hoax and made by a former employee of TCS, Hyderabad.

He used to work in the security wing of the same office.

The search operation is going on, to find the caller by tracing his exact location.

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