How to turn a website idea into reality ?

People come up with new ideas everyday, the phenomenon of getting  ideas is common, but the process of putting the ideas into work is a confusing task .

There are many people who get great business ideas but have no clue of how to turn their idea into a successful physical product or service.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help convert the ideas into profitable products and services. These guidelines will help your website idea get coverted to real :

  • Documented Ideas : Write down all your memories related to the main product, the idea for the main task. Also write down other related ideas that strike your mind, each idea is important and it is vital to write all the ideas down, any of them can turn out to be a successful product.
  • Do a research of the market : Market research is important to check the potential of an idea, write down all the positive and negative points related to the idea, check how the problems can be solved, find out other people in market suffering from the same problem.
  • Identify Target Audience : Knowing the target audience helps the owner come across the points that have to be covered while deciding the feature functionalities of the Website, what other fixations are required in the app, the success or failiure of the application depends upon the understanding of the target audience of the owner.
  • Get a domain name : Most of the good domain names are already taken but having a good domain name is crucial in the website product development. The domain name should be short and catchy,
  • Test Product Development : Test Product is aka Minimum Viable Product, it provides the feedback from the market and audience of users of the product, the test product should provide all the major functionalities of the website and should be open to further improval changes based on the feedback.
  • Get the app developed : Some companies get there products developed inside the company, some people get the products develop by outside firms, the efficiency of the product depends upon the resources invested.
  • Marketing with target audience : Once the app gets developed, for promoting it, you can test the app with the target audience and potential customers who you think may want to use your app. Promote your product by all means, check social media events where you can promote your website product for testing by customers.

If you are confident with your idea, don’t back down, there are some development companies  that help businesses and individuals realize there web product goals by helping them implement their ideas.

The author is an experienced digital media professional having experience of more than 25 years in leadership roles at several leading internet and media companies in India.







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