How the ‘sentiment of women is being hurt’ by Ranveer’s nude pictures? Vivek Agnihotri reacts to a police complaint filed against Ranveer Singh.

Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri called the FIR filed against Ranveer Singh’s photoshoot “stupid,” saying he does not support people being offended by actor photos and that their thinking is “very Conservative.”

In an interview with, Vivek Agnihotri stated, “It is a very stupid FIR.” This is an amusing case that is gaining attention for no apparent reason. According to the FIR, women’s feelings are being hurt. Now tell me, does having so many naked pictures of women hurt men’s feelings? This is a ridiculous argument.” 

“Human bodies have always been valued in our culture,” he continued. The human body, in my opinion, is God’s most beautiful creation. What’s the problem with that? Such things irritate me. It demonstrates very conservative thinking, which I oppose.”

Meanwhile, some praised the actor for being “brave,” and others chastised him for exposing everything. People took social media to express their point:

India is a land of absurd criminal cases, thanks to a toxic combination of police forces that either doesn’t understand the law or are under political pressure to file frivolous cases and the zealotry of Indian citizens who take offense at things that have nothing to do with them. 

How do his nudes insult women’s modesty? I didn’t get it like it’s not the first time some celebrity had a nude photoshoot Right! People talk about equality in India the most. It was okay when actresses had nude photoshoots but when the actor does that they think of women’s modesty… I think if we really want equality, let people do what they want regardless of gender. Equality is not only about women but for men as well. So as a woman I really don’t feel insulted by his photoshoot and neither should you.

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