How Google and Facebook help during Nepal Earthquake

Technology is of great use when applied for helping people during emergencies and natural calamities like earthquakes. As major devastation occurred in Nepal, taking several lives, Google and Facebook presented 2 really useful tools.
Google People finder tool allows to either submit or find information about someone. This Search is also available through SMS in India and the US. People can Text “search ” to +91-9773300000 in India or +1-650-800-3978 in the US.

The feature called ‘Safety Check’, tracks people in the affected areas by looking at your profile info and updates, and the city where you are using the internet. In case the last updated location is an affected area due to a natural calamity, it’ll ask you to update your safety status.
The update can be seen by friends and family through the News Feed and offer help or support. People can also manually mark themselves and/or friends as effected or safe by navigating to their profiles.

Celebrities around the globe have been spreading the message to help the victims of the #Nepal #Earthquake in various ways

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