His Body Is Broken But His Performance Is The Most Powerful Thing Ever.

A 12-year-old Indian boy living in America recently put out a cover of the Eminem song ‘Not Afraid’, and apart from having more than 500,000 views on Youtube, it’s being up lauded by fans globally and was even tweeted by Eminem himself! What really makes it unique though, is the fact that this boy, named Sparsh Shah, has a rare and incurable condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which basically means his bones are insanely fragile, and even a handshake that’s a little too firm can break his bones.

The brittle-boned crooner can belt it though, and how! He’s suffered more than 125 fractures in his life till now, but his passion for music, his talent, and his ability to overcome is something we can all definitely learn from. Watch his video below!

Here’s how celebs reacted to the video.

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