Highlights from the Presidential Election of 2022: The presidential election voting is completed.

Yesterday, the nation cast its votes in the presidential election. Draupadi Murmu is the NDA’s choice for president, with Yashwant Sinha representing the opposition. Now, after the counting of votes on July 21, it will be known who will be the 15th President of the country.

On Monday, at 10 a.m., voting for the presidential election began. The State Legislative Assemblies and Parliament House both had elections. All the major politicians, including PM Modi and former PM Manmohan Singh, participated in the voting booth set up in Parliament House. There, in their individual assemblies, the state’s CMs and MLAs cast their ballots. 

PM Modi voted in the recent presidential election.
PM Modi voted in the recent presidential election.
Manmohan Singh arrives in a wheelchair to cast a vote.

Cross-voting news also became public by midday. A Gujarat NCP MLA claims to have voted for Murmu, the NDA’s candidate. In Odisha, a Congress MLA who is upset with the party also mentioned voting for Draupadi Murmu at the same time.

There were clear signs that Droupadi Murmu, the NDA nominee, would easily defeat Yashwant Sinha, the opposition candidate. On July 21, results will be announced, and on July 25, the new president will take the oath.

It will be fun to know who will win the presidential election. Reports from other places, including Murmu’s home state of Odisha, the state of Jharkhand, where she served as governor, Gujarat, and Haryana, were mostly in her favor. When the votes are counted, it will be clear how many MPs and MLAs are cross-voted.

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