Here’s what celebrities had to say about ‘Neerja’

Sonam Kapoor’s stellar performance as Neerja Bhanot in Ram Madhvani’s Neerja has been in talk since a long time; it’s hard to avoid the reviews before you get a chance to see the movie.

Spoiler alert: Sonam Kapoor’s heart-wrenching performance as the brave attendant on board the hijacked Pan Am flight is undoubtedly the best of her career.

The biopic takes the focus off from the actors and makes the chilling tale an honest telling of the bravery of the 24-year-old woman.

Everyone from veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan, real-life survivors, designer Prabal Gurung to Sachin Tendulkar is raving about the film. Here’s what they had to say on Twitter.

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