ICC Penalizes Harmanpreet Kaur for Umpire Outburst!

Harmanpreet Kaur has been fined by the International Cricket Council (ICC) for her conduct during the third and final ODI versus Bangladesh. As a penalty, the ICC has docked 75% of her match fee and imposed 3 demerit points onto her record.

The captain of India’s women’s cricket team displayed her frustration with the umpire’s decision by hitting the stumps with her bat after being ruled out during the match.

What led to Harmanpreet Kaur’s strong anger and emotional outburst?

The match became heated following the dismissal of Yastika Bhatia, who appeared displeased after being given out lbw by an umpire and left the field without much fuss. The situation escalated when Harmanpreet was caught at slip by Nahida Akter as she tried to sweep during India’s chase of 226. It was unclear whether she made contact with the ball using her pads, bat, or glove. Harmanpreet expressed her frustration by hitting the stumps with her bat after being adjudged out. She also spoke with the umpires before walking away and giving a thumbs-up to the crowd.

During the post-match presentation, Harmanpreet Kaur expressed her deep disappointment with the umpiring decisions, describing them as “pathetic.” She emphasized that the team was extremely dissatisfied with some of the umpires’ calls.

Smriti Mandhana backs Harmanpreet Kaur amidst ICC penalization of Indian captain

Smriti Mandhana commented on the umpiring calls during the game, indicating that there is a need for better quality of umpiring and perhaps a neutral umpiring system for upcoming matches. Mandhana acknowledged that such occurrences are common in cricket matches, including in men’s cricket. She stated, “What occurred during the match is a recurrent aspect of the game. We’ve witnessed similar incidents in men’s cricket, so it’s not surprising that something similar might occur in women’s cricket.

She stated that though she doesn’t condone such actions, in the pursuit of victory for India, such incidents may occasionally occur.

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