Green Court Forms Panel for Pollution Caused By Slaughterhouses…

The National Green Tribunal has formed a committee, directed it to submit a report on pollution caused in the operation of slaughterhouses and tanneries in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

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Adarsh Kumar Goel noted various deficiencies in the operation of the units, including illegal extraction of ground water in an over-exploited zone in Ghaziabad.

The National Green Tribunal said that the statutory regulatory authorities may, based on the facts found, take remedial action in terms of preventing pollution and fixing accountability for the past violations by way of environmental compensation, following due process of law.

“An action is taken report may be furnished within three months with the Oversight Committee set up by this Tribunal for oversight of status of compliance of orders of this Tribunal in the State of UP, headed by Justice SVS Rathore, former Judge of the Allahabad High Court, stationed at Lucknow.

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