Google’s way of wishing Halloween!!

With Halloween around the corner, Google has come up with a very cute and interesting way to wish us all a very happy Halloween.

This year, Google has adorned its homepage with an animated movie entitled, “Jinx’s Night Out”. The doodle is inspired by the last year’s doodle which was an addictive little game starring Momo the cat. This time the center of attraction is a cute little lonely ghost, Jinx. All he longs for is a perfect outfit so that he can join the humans in their Halloween celebrations.

“More than just a tribute to the rich celebrations of Halloween, the clip also brings forth a feel-good message — To feel good by being oneself and not trying to fit in.”

According to the blog post, the costume montage that Jinx goes through was the most enjoyable scene in the video.

“Jinx went through many forms before the team landed on the perfect apparition,” Google said

Watch the video here:

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