Good Boy #Sanjaybaba Set to be Free!

Sanjay Dutt, who is in his mid-fifties is serving a five-year rigorous imprisonment term for possessing and destroying a prohibited weapon, an AK-56 rifle, just before the 1993 Mumbai blasts which killed 257 people after the Supreme Court had upheld in conviction. His conviction was under the Arms Act. A special trial court, which had tried Dutt along with 122 others in the 1993 Mumbai, blasts case.

Dutt worked as a semi-skilled worker in Yerawada Central Prison in Pune making paper bags and earned a salary of Rs 38,000 but will take home just Rs 440 as he has spent the rest of the amount on daily use items. Dutt was receiving the salary of a semi-skilled worker, which is set at Rs 50 per day.

Even if Sanjay Dutt is being released with Rs 440, twitter says there is a huge homecoming party waiting for him.
There are already plan of his homecoming party.

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