Girls’ love for Milind Soman rekindled with the Iron Man run.

Long back when Milind featured in Alisha´s music Video ‘Made In India’, girls went crazy about Milind and the era of Models with Exercised bodies and TDH looks, started. Milind has been a heartthrob of most girls who were girls in the 90s. Now with his Iron Man Run, he has put all the young Models and Heros behind, several notches, at 49.

Milind Soman participated in the Iron Man Run, the TOUGHEST TRIATHLON in the world and completed it in 15hrs &19mins whereas the allocated time limit is 16 Hours. Milind has proved that he is the real National Treasure, the real Made In India Soniya!

Milind is the holder of Indian National Swimming Championship title for four years. Milind has now completed the Ironman challenge so is now the Ironman of India. The triathlon includes a 3.8-km swim, a 180.2-km cycle ride and 42.2-km run raced in that order without a break which the participants are required to complete within 16 hours to win the title of ‘Ironman’.

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