Fungus in Amul Lassi Created Controversy all over India, Amul Dismiss the Claim

Top dairy Indian brand, Amul is in the middle of controversies due to a video that alleges the presence of fungus in some packs of amul lassi. A video in which a person is opening a pack of amul lassi is going viral. In the video amul lassi is full of fungus. The claim is made that the amul lassi perished before its expiry date. The location of the video is not clear.

Amul is claiming that the viral video is fake. Amul issued a tweet to dismiss the claim.

Amul tweeted, “ A fake message is being forwarded on WhatsApp and social media platforms regarding the inferior quality of Amul Lassi. The creator of the video has not contacted us for clarification, nor the location has been disclosed. 

We notice in the video that the pack is damaged from the straw hole area. It can also be seen that the liquid is leaking from that hole. The fungus development in this pack is due to this hole which the maker of this video is probably aware of. 

We mention on our pack that ‘Don’t buy puffed/leaky packs’. This video has been used to create misinformation and unnecessary fear and concern among consumers.”

Amul is the top dairy brand in India and is known for its quality products. This year Amul’s revenue is over 55,000 crores. 

 Some People are supporting Amul and taking a stand in favor of the company and others are trying to defame the company. Here are a few tweets which show the situation of this controversy.
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