FTII midnight arrests lead Arvind Kejriwal to offer temporary space in Delhi.

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.” ― Henry David Thoreau
Arvind Kejriwal has a knack of picking up issues that catch the limelight. This has been the biggest strength of Arvind ever since he started AAP. Now he has offer students of Film and Television Institute of India students a temporary facility to conduct classes till a solution is reached between the institute and the center. This controversy started with the appointment of Gajendra chauhan, who is a BJP activist, as the Dean of FTII which has been dominated by AISA and other left inclined organisations.

The notable point in this whole controversy is that although the students seem to be opposing the appointment of Gajendra Chauhan and calling it an attempt to ‘Saffronize’ the Institution, the reality is that this protest is being lead by students who should have exited the institute after finishing their courses long back in 2008. The midnight swoop was done by the Police because the so called Students had locked up the FTII director Prashant P.

Its quite obvious to have a lot of creative comments when the discussion on Social media involves a Film institute. Modi Bashing brings out the best from the Twittaratti.

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