Fought till last but it’s a Game: World Cup 2019

Indian Fans, all over the world, got disappointed when Team India loses by 18 runs with New Zealand in Manchester on Wednesday.

On one hand, the die-heart fans of Team India were very shocked and on the other hand few rebellions of India in Kashmir were enjoying the moment.

Though, India had a very bad start but they fought hard till end to win the battle. But, it’s a game! Many Indian Fans motivated the team for their efforts to reach to the semi-finals and wished them for the next World Cup.

It’s not only the common man but the celebrities too who reacted on twitter about the loss of World Cup but in a positive manner. For them game is game, one looses and other wins. Though, they were sad but motivated the team for better show next time.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji too was disappointed but praised the spirit of Team India and wished them for their future endeavor.

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