Flipkart removes single-use plastic…

Achieved across more than 70 facilities of Flipkart across the country, home-grown e-commerce giant eliminated single-use plastic packaging by introducing scalable sustainable alternatives.

“At Flipkart, we place great emphasis on sustainable and responsible business practices. Moving towards 100% single-use plastic elimination is one of the significant steps we have taken towards fulfilling our commitment to creating a sustainable ecosystem. We achieved this while navigating a tough year impacted by Covid and are proud that our teams kept the priorities in line. We are now focused on enabling our seller ecosystem to adopt sustainable packaging alternatives as well, and to create positive environmental and social impact across the entire supply chain,” says Hemant Badri, Senior Vice-President and Head of Supply Chain at Flipkart.

Flipkart has also ensured that it is fully compliant with all EPR regulations and through its network of recyclers; the equivalent quantity of single-use plastic going to consumers is fully recycled.

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