First EPL weekend results. People reaction to Arsenal Loss, Chelsea Draw and Liverpool Win.

English Primer league, the best league in the world started on Saturday with a very nervous and ordinary match between Manchester United and Tottenham. The match ended in a 1-0 win for #ManU but neither team was particularly convincing. The end of the weekend saw a fantastic display of attacking football by Leicester to be the surprise table leaders.

The worst result came for Arsenal who were sadly let down by the great #PeterCech who misjudged one and hardly reacted on the other goal that sank the Gunners. Cech’s buy from #Chelsea was one of the most impressive and talked about transfers before the season.

The new comers start was as expected. Only Watford could get a draw to earn a point. The rest of the propotees lost their first games. Watford were able to net 2 past the Everton defence.

Manchester City is yet to play its opening match. They now have a chance to stamp their authority on top of the table with an emphatic win and put Chelsea under pressure for the Championship, right at the start.

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