Fire Breakout in Bhathinda Cantonment: 4 Killed and Several Injured

Early on Wednesday morning, a shooting incident took place within Bathinda Military Station, leaving four persons dead. According to the SSP for Punjab, the incident “was not a terror attack.” The four fatalities are all members of the 80 Medium Regiment.

In the early morning hours, at around 4.35 am, a shooting incident was recorded within Bathinda Military Station. The station’s quick response teams were put into action. The area was enclosed and sealed. The search is now underway. According to reports, four people died. Additional information is being sought, according to the Indian Army’s South Western Command.

What did officials say about the incident?

“This has nothing to do with terrorism or Islamic aggression. According to Additional Director General of Police (ADG) Surinder Pal Singh Parmar, a search is currently underway for two people in possession of weapons.” It doesn’t look like a terrorist attack. Punjab Police and intelligence sources claim that it appears to be a case of fratricide.

An artillery unit of the Bathinda Military Station was where the shooting incident took place. According to accounts, families also reside there. Recent days saw the disappearance of an INSAS assault rifle from the unit’s guard room.

The Army Cantt in Bathinda has shut all of its entrances. One Insas weapon and its 28 cartridges went lost about two days ago. According to Punjab Police officials, this incident may have been caused by certain army men.

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