Finally, Live Stream In Virtual Reality

The medium of virtual reality is just beginning to blossom, developers are experimenting with how to take advantage of the technology. The worlds of live streaming video and VR have yet to really meet.

The team behind VideoStitch, a program that stitches together multi-directional camera footage to create 360-degree video, announced the Orah 4i, a camera that streams 360-degree VR video at 4K resolution to the Internet. You can watch the stream on any connected VR headset.

The Orah 4i is a live VR camera made for prosumers — good enough quality for power users but probably not something you see on a regular basis or on any film set. You can pre-order the Orah 4i for $1,800 online, which will get you the camera, the stitching box and the necessary cables. It is expected to ship this summer.

The price will stay that low until April 30, then incrementally increase over time until reaching $3,600, so if you want to get your hands on one you only have a month before you’ll be shelling out more than $1,800.

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