Fans laud BTS Jimin and Taeyang’s collaborative song VIBE, saying, “That’s a bop.”

Vibe, a collaboration between BTS Jimin and Big Bang Taeyang, has been released. ARMY has been anticipating Jimin’s collaborations and solos since last year when the vocalist hinted that he was working on his music. The posters and teasers had given fans plenty of reasons to speculate.

Check the video here:

The song is about the unusual emotions that one experiences while enjoying the ‘vibe’ of a relationship. “I can feel it, it’s a vibe, this gon’ be the one and only anthem, can feel my sixth sense, it’s a simulation, holding hands causing an electrocution, before you, my world was disconnected,” the song’s lyrics say.

The song has received support from V.I.P (BIGBANG’s fandom) and the ARMY (BTS’ fandom). Several comments on Twitter and in the YouTube comments section showered Taeyang and Jimin with love. BTS members RM, J-Hope, and V joined the fandoms.

On his Instagram Stories, RM posted a screenshot from his playlist that included the song and wrote, “Go get ’em, my bros.” J-Hope dedicated two posts to the singer, writing, “Issa VIBE @ youngbae_ & @j.m the combination of dreams.” “It’s normal for (our) ears to be melting, right?” he added.” “Wow, take my big bow Taeyang Hyung, Jiminie,” Taehyung wrote.”

See a few fan reactions below:

Taeyang opened up about working with Jimin in a Spotify interview. “It was fantastic. “He was way more passionate than I was, and it really motivated me,” he said. In an interview with Rolling Stones, the singer revealed that he approached Jimin about working together.

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