Factors involved in Cost of Website Development.

Today everyone plans about the cost before he/she thinks of getting a website developed or designed depending on their own budget. As they start with the implementation part  various new cost aspects arise. Cost of custom website creation cannot be exactly approximated beforehand but there are many definite factors that require investment. Here we talk about some of these factors.

Purchasing of a website can be compared to buying a mobile device, one can see  mobiles in the market with basic functionalities like audio calling, clock, radio etc. then there are some mobiles which provide extra features such as video calling, games, touch screen, faster processing, advanced security systems such as alphanumeric security codes etc. Then come mobile phones with face recognition and voice control features. The functionalities of the product depends upon the financial investment.

With the evolution of technology the list of features has not remained definite hence the cost approximation depends upon the quality of the product and the advantages it provides as compared to other products in the market. As with purchasing a mobile, websites have endless possibilities.


Some factors :


Cost for Domain Registration

Domain Name is the name of the website, the address of the website on web. It is also known as URL (Uniform Resource Locator). It is not a costly factor, a small amount of rent has to be paid over time period depending upon the hosting plan. Hosting companies provide free domain names if a person uses their service.

Domain Name should match with the cause of the website, there is a dearth of good and catchy Domain Names and one should register a catchy and interesting domain name as soon as an idea hits the mind.

Hosting cost is the rent the website owner has to pay for the site to be online. There are many professional hosting companies out there. Efficient hosting involves high bandwidth, prevention from hacking and convenient costs.

Today no business can exist in market without a website. Hosting cost is must for a website and one should not think too much before paying for a good hosting website.
A small amount of money is nothing in comparision with efficient website running.


Mobile Compatibility of Website

Responsive Design is the creation of sites in such a way that the they are compatible on all kind of mobile devices such as Android phones, Tablets, iPads, iPhones etc. The owner of the website should know about the target users of his site, what kind of people will visit the site more and which device would be used more to visit the site. This unique user experience designing for different devices adds to the costing.


Content Creation

There are two types of content on a site, one is the written content that  web-viewer sees and the other content is use of page titles, meta data, alt tags etc. The optimal combination of these two types of texts is advantageous for both social media promotion and search engine optimization. The formation of optimal clusters of these two types of texts is a cost demanding method.


Content Management

The text and images have to be inserted into a website after the development process. The cost of this phase depends on the time that is spent in implementation. Image addition requires use of photoshop tools and image optimization. Although CMSs provide automatic image resizing but manually optimized images give the best performance.


Enhanced User Experience

User experienced can be enhanced using animations. HTML and CSS technologies are very helpful for these tasks today. The animations should be discussed in the starting phase of interaction with the developers to avoid high costs. Examples of reference websites can be used for efficient communication of ideas and thoughts. User Experience is the most important factor for a website’s success. Viewers like to see informative animations as compared to boring text paragraphs.


Unique Pages

Each website has some pages with a unique theme and tempelate. Each unique webpage requires investment of more programming and designing skills which also adds to the cost of website.


Some Development Companies provide services for development of Websites. Their work is reputed in the market and their clients are the most satisfied website owners.


The author is an experienced digital media professional having experience of more than 25 years in leadership roles at several leading internet and media companies in India.

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