Empower the girl child. Empower the nation!

Girls or women mean half the humanity. No society can be considered truly developed if its women are not active participants and contributors. They are the key catalysts for socio-economic change. However, it is sad to see that despite advancements in other sectors, women still face numerous challenges in not being able to access rightful entitlements or gainful employment.

Providing quality education with skill development in a safe environment is still an unreached goal. Limitations on women’s mobility and enforcement of laws related to girls and women, unrecognized and unpaid work, unequal wages, multiple forms of violence against women, lack of many safe and secure options to work, all are key socio-cultural constraints preventing women from working.

Let’s see some tweets which are going trending since morning on empower girl

To ensure empowerment in the true sense, we have to build the scope and outreach for girls to make choices through better skills, capabilities, and self-esteem; help them develop equitable relations within the family, the community and other stakeholders in the society.

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