DragMeDownMusicVideo is a hit. One Direction do it again, get everyone TALKING about it

Astronaut-Themed ‘Drag Me Down’ Music Video from One Direction has got the whole world talking. This Music Video is known to have been shot at #NASA and the ‘directioners’ as the fans call themselves, have all gone mad, seing their fav boy group running around in the NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Check the DragMeDownMusicVideo here, its worth listening. Vevo broke and the song is doing well on Youtube.

With hair blowing in air these guys moving around in open vehicles in Orange space suites are looking fabulous. This boy band One direction definitely rocks. Wonder who looks better among the four; Harry Styles as he plays with a robot OR dad-to-be Louis Tomlinson as he drives a space vehicle OR Niall Horan hovering in mid-air in a harness OR
Liam Payne doing a fitness test.

The #DragMeDownMusicVideo already has more than 5L views on Youtube and its not even 24 Hrs. Phew!!

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