Does your business need a Mobile App

People usually think that mobile apps are suitable only for large scaled companies but today more and more small and medium sized companies are following this trend. Mobile Technology does not revolve only around creating efficient mobile websites and applications, there are other advantages too like Mobile Marketing and Brand Awareness generation.

Here are some benefits of Mobile Apps for your business:


24/7  Customer Visibility

On an average, people spend more than 2 hrs daily on their mobile devices. Allthough the major use of their mobile device is limited to some applications but with the help of advertisements one can promote his application on social media channels. The human brain subconsciously records everything it comes across and if your app is impactful enough, you may be able to leave an impact on brains that come across your advertisement campaign.


Marketing becomes Easier and Direct

Smartphones have made it easier for people/businesses to put their services, prices, booking and registration forms in the hands of people with the help of custom designed mobile applications. People get updated about the new policies, offers, major changes and other important information without much effort.


Increase in Customer Value Programs.

The programs of distributing coupons, rewards and credits to the customers can be done via mobile apps very easily. Digitalizing of the schemes and programs of customer rewards makes the scenario of coupon distribution more fair, it also increases the expanse of the loyalty programs to remote customers.


Increasing Brand Awareness and recognition

Brand Awareness generation takes place with the help of mobile apps. The app can be used after making it more interactive and informative. The app should be unique enough both in context of design and functionality. People like to see and use new and different things. Mobile Apps represent a business in the market, the more stylish and functional an app is, better is the repo of the business. Customer involvement increases, people get dependant on the application for the service and the rate at which the service is utilized increases rapidly. The overall effective frequency of the app or service increases.

Increase Customer Interaction

Whatever be the domain of the business, let it be selling groceries, vegetables or hi-tech mobile devices, customers always want to interact with the service provider. Mobile apps also include help desk and reception features, people prefer to avail services by making a few clicks on their mobiles as compared to hectic process of talking on a phone or being present physically.

Leave competitors behind

There are still many small and medium scaled industries that are not aware of the mobile app advantages. This provides a way to take a leap ahead of them. Business owners are still unaware about all the advantages of mobile apps but this leap has to be taken soon else the competition will increase. Soon mobile apps will become a part of all organizations.

Keeping Customers Intact

These days the world is full of all types of companies and industries with their promotional campaigns and advertisements going on everywhere. More and more people are switching to Mobile Apps for their convenience, so having a mobile app will help businesses retain their clients and customers and also increase the scope for making new clients.

Following the trend is must

With the passing of time, new  technological trends hit the market. Today it’s a mobile app, tomorrow it would be something else. With so many new technological inventions like Virtual Reality, who knows Mobile Apps may be used in the future as a gateway for VR shopping.

Some Development Companies provide services for development of Mobile Applications. Their work is reputed in the market and their clients are the most satisfied Mobile App owners.


The author is an experienced digital media professional having experience of more than 25 years in leadership roles at several leading internet and media companies in India.

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