Do you know you have a fake item in your shopping cart?

In a recent search and study, it is found that one out of every five products is counterfeit. Yes, you heard it true. All the renowned e-commerce company like Amazon, Flipkart, or Snapdeal hawking fake products.
In the past six months 20-22% of the products received by the customers were found to be either defected or simulated.

Local Circles, a community network that focuses on the governance and daily life took a survey in which the people were asked which e-commerce website stupefied them by delivering sham products. Where the end result left everyone in stun, according to that survey 37% Snapdeal products were counterfeit, 22% of Flipkart, and 20% of Amazon.

From the tweets you can have a glance upon the concreteness of the survey by the users

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