Connecting Noida to Greater Noida Fares of Aqua line announced

The details of the fare for the much awaited Aqua line, joining Noida to Greater Noida were announced on Friday. The price of the tickets starts at Rs 9 and goes up till Rs 50.
If you are traveling on this line that stretches for 29.7 km, you can purchase the QR coded paper tickets from the counters or can use smart cards for the same.
The Aqua line contains a total of 21 stations, from which 15 are in Noida and 6 in Greater Noida. The Aqua Line would scamper between the Sector 71 station in Noida and the Depot Station in Greater Noida.
This metro line will have a disparate ticketing system and a separate security set-up so the previously existing Delhi metro cards will not be applicable here. Moreover, there will not be any interchange between the Sector 71 to the Sector 52 station on the Blue Line extension in Noida for now.
The ticket prices are less for smart card users as compared to those traveling on paper tickets. Travelling one station is going to cost Rs 10 on an QR-coded ticket and Rs 9 via smart card; 2 km will cost Rs 15 on ticket and Rs 13.50 on smart card; 3 to 6 km will cost Rs 20 via ticket and Rs 18 on smart card; 7 to 9 km will cost Rs 30 on ticket and Rs 27 on smart card.

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