Congress Says Twitter Account Locked: “Modi Ji, Just How Afraid Are You?”

The official Twitter accounts of many Congress leaders have been locked. 

The party claimed on Thursday that the, selective action against Rahul Gandhi for posting the pictures of nine years old dalit girl and with her family members.

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The Twitter account has been blocked by Twitter because it violated Twitter rules and regulations.

It claims that nobody has the right to post anything without anyone’s permission.

The leaders express as, Modiji , how afraid are you?

We have won then and we will again in action, the congress party said.

incindia posted on instagram,”

The official Twitter account of the Congress party has been locked by Twitter India.

Modi ji, just how afraid are you?

Reminder: The Congress party fought for our nation’s independence, equipped only with truth, non-violence & the will of the people.

We won then, we’ll win again.”

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