Coldplay’s new Hymn for the weekend.

The much awaited video of coldplay’s latest track, “hymn for the weekend” finally released this weekend.
The video featuring Beyoncé and Chris Martin dancing around streets of India. Also, our very own fashion icon Sonam Kapoor. And our hopes were taken up a notch when the actress proudly confirmed by saying that it was a ‘huge honour to be part of the video’.

The video is catching some heat over its indian inspiration. While some are appreciating Mumbai shot clip others are debating on the appropriation of the indian foreign culture.

While critics took aim at both Coldplay and Beyoncé alike but in different ways. While Beyoncé’s appearance dressed up as a Bollywood star initially garnered awe, a backlash followed:

Nevertheless, with all the colours and the saga it’s still a treat to watch. And not to forget that we have Rihanna in the video, which balances out all the cultural appropriation in the video.

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