Class 11 Students Of DPS Noida Ragged By Seniors, Beaten With Rods


Yashpratap has been admitted to a hospital after the alleged incident of ragging in DPS Noida. (Photo: ANI)

Two Class 11 students were allegedly beaten up with rods by their seniors at a school near Delhi on Monday. An FIR or police complaint has been filed against 18 students of DPS Noida.

Yash and Dhruv were sitting in the hostel mess at around 9:00pm. “A group of 12-15 students of class XII came and started passing offensive and derogatory remarks. We decided to leave the hall but one of them came in front of us. He slapped me when I protested. The other senior students joined him and all started thrashing me with iron rods and boots,” Yash said.

Dhruv said that the senior boys were beating his friend mercilessly. “I thought it will lead to serious health complications to Yash. I intervened and requested them to leave him. Half of the group then started beating me,” Dhruv said.

Dhruv was repeatedly punches on his back and private parts. Yash received injuries in his left leg and head. The beating continued for half an hour before the hostel warden reached at the spot rescued the students. They were then rushed to Kailash Hospital.

Yash Pratap Singh’s father Arjun Singh alleged that he learnt what had happened from his son, not the school.

“They hit my son with rods. The school didn’t inform me about my son’s condition, he called me,” he said. “Yash took the warden’s phone and told me – please come, I am scared, I have been beaten and I am bleeding,” Mr Singh told NDTV.

Yash and Dhruv started school recently and allege that they were targeted more than once.

On May 1, their seniors allegedly threatened them. “Yash panicked and developed high blood pressure,” Mr Singh said. When he went to the school, he was reportedly assured that the boys would be safe. “Even after this, they were attacked again,” he said.

Ragging, or hazing in schools and colleges, was banned after cases of torture and suicide.


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