Cheers!! Old Monk Rum will not stop selling! SAYS Mohan Meakin.

The Times Of India ran a story on Old Monk sales dipping and it sounded like the only savior, for many, was gone. Old Monk would stop Selling. Oh what a heartbreak! But Hold on, the manufacturer has clarified that the Monk is here to stay, to quench your thirst, to elevate you to the the next level of human ‘being’

It is difficult to comprehend that the Rum that sells most in the Army will close shop. Its hard to believe the rum that has the best aroma will drop in sales. Its hard to believe the companion of the mountains and winter will not be around. The good news followed the next day when the manufacturer Mohan Meakin has clarified that there is no question of shutting down Old Monk. Mr Maingi told TOI on 14th July “It is our flagship product. Old Monk is the pride of Mohan Meakin. Even if things were to go bad, Old Monk wouldn’t be the product to suffer since it is a priority for our organization. Thousands of people, from breweries in Ghaziabad and Himachal Pradesh to our godowns in Dehradun, are involved in the manufacturing of this product. Why would we ever abandon these people?”

Cheers!!! Keep Pouring!!!!

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