Celebrate Diwali with Green Crackers appeals Delhi Police

“Delhi Police appeals to Public to use green firecrackers only away from silence Zones like Hospitals, Schools, Courts, and Religious Places. Green Crackers to be burst only between 8PM to 10PM at pre-identified areas on Diwali days. Please co-operate and assist the Delhi Police in following the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s directions. “
This is the message by Delhi Police that everyone in the city getting on their phones.

After the Supreme Court’s direction towards the firecrackers, Delhi Police on Wednesday declared some guidelines on its sale. Only those crackers that will qualify the guidelines would be tagged as the Green Crackers, but know Delhi Police themselves are still dubious on the differentiation. Green Crackers unlike the firecrackers do not contain any harmful chemical compounds increasing the level of pollution in the air drastically.
Due to this direction by the court, Delhi traders are upset.
How public is taking on this:

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