CEC Appointment Judgement by the Supreme Court is a Historic Announcement.

The Indian Supreme Court ruled that the Chief Justice of India, the Leader of the Opposition, and the Prime Minister should all form a committee before the President appoints an Election Commissioner.

 How are people responding to it let’s just find out

Some people are asking about the credibility of the institutions like supreme court why they are participating in every decision that government takes and how it is going to affect the progress of the nation because the appointment of Election Commission is not a single-day decision and takes a lot of time and person who is taking responsibility his reputation is built over time.

SC or judiciary is showing power to control the decisions of the legislature as it has the power to decide the direction in positive or negative either way. Since the decision, the power of GOI is reduced and the system becomes more transparent.

These are the review people give on this view people give mixed reviews over this topic as some say SC has more power to choose the election commissioner and few people agree with the topic of establishing more democracy as it gives more transparency to the system.

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