Before Jin starts his military service, BTS members pose for one final OT7 picture with him at the training center.

Jin from BTS has enlisted for his required military service. The rest of the members at the training camp said goodbye to him.

On Tuesday, BTS’s Jin departed for his military duty, and pictures of the group with the vocalist at the training camp have since gone viral. In the most recent images, RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook stand beside Jin while experimenting with his buzzcut. Jin had earlier sent a succinct farewell note to the Army in which he stated, “This is curtain call…”

On the other hand, V offered a little homage to Jin that included a video clip of them performing on stage with Jin’s song “Astronaut” playing in the background. V had arrived just in time to say farewell to Jin. “Let’s not get hurt,” he said as the caption of his post.

J-Hope wished Jin well and shared pictures of their final meal together. Fans noticed that RM’s eyes were wet in an instant after he posted a picture of himself on Instagram.

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Bangtan TV shared the video of Jin’s military entrance ceremony and his time with the BTS boys before he rushes off to join his squad. Jin will serve 18 months in training after the Yeoncheon army post in the northern part of Gyeonggi province, South Korea.

Videos of the rising star walking alongside other soldiers were posted online and quickly became popular on fan pages. A supporter added a couple of crying emoticons and stated, “See you soon.”

As jin entered the military ARMYs around the world gave him their best wishes and asked him to ask healthy and cozy.

Here are some tweets of ARMY’s:

The world’s biggest boy band will have to take a break, perhaps for a few years, as the six other younger BTS members will all be enlisting in the military one after another in the upcoming years.

Because the law forbids most males from further delaying their military service once they age 30, Jin had to prepare for imminent recruitment. In South Korea, where conscription puts young men put their academic or professional pursuits on hold, exemptions or avoiding duties are a very sensitive topic.

In order to maintain fairness in the nation’s military duty, Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup earlier stated that it would be “ideal” for BTS members to carry out their military obligations. In August, serving Lee aid BTS members will probably be able to carry on with their training and travel with other non-serving BTS members on group trips abroad.

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