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As Corona Virus takes its toll on the routine life across the globe and takes away the joy of playing outside, Many kids are taking up activities that they can do within the confines of their homes.

Some kids are getting involved in Art and craft and others are picking up new hobbies like Music. There are others who love reading Books and they are the happiest it seems because they are getting a lot of time with their fav things, Books.

One Channel that recently caught our eye is a Book Review Channel called Adi etc. This is the channel of a school going kid who reviews Children’s books by well known authors. Below is the Channel introduction that will give you a fare idea of what it is about.

Aditya loves reading books, playing mobile games and watching movies ETC.. On this channel he will be talking about Books, Games and Movies ETC..and will try to keep it as interesting as possible.

This book review channel has already generated a lot of interest amount Facebook groups and other social media platforms in its second month on Youtube. The channel now has its own unique url for Book Reviews as

The best part about the channel is that Aditya narrates some potions of the story in very interesting manner. The channel Art is also tastefully done and the videos are loaded with relevant animations. The popularity of this channel can be seen by the fact that the channel Adi etc has been selected by the panel at FeedSpot as one of the Top 50 Book Review Youtube Channels on the web. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 50 Book Review Youtube Channels on the internet and its and honor for any Book Review Channel to be part of this!

Here are a few Book Reviews that are featured on the Channel;

The World’s Worst Children Book Review. The Story of Peter Picker by David Walliams.

This is the Story Peter Picker from the Book, Worlds Worst Children. The Author of this bestseller is David Walliams. This comedy Fiction book is published by Harper Collins. The story revolves around Peter Picker. Peter Picker always had a finger up his nose! Sometimes two, one in each nostril.

Book Review of The DOG MAN. A book by Dav Pilkey. the creator of Captain Underpants.

This is the Story – Book em Dogman from the Book [DOGMAN] The Author of this NY Times bestseller is Dav Pilkey. This comedy Fiction book is published by Scholastic. The author of this fabulous and funny book is Dav Pilkey. Dog Man is a comic. Dav Pilkey is also the author of the book Captain Underpants. This is a very funny and interesting book…You’ll like this book if you like Dogs, enjoy Dumb stuff, Action and lot of laughs.

Book Review of TOM GATES – The Brilliant World by Liz Pichon is the latest on the Channel. There is an interesting part in this video where the Actor gives Tips to annoy an elder sister.

This Channel is really a must watch for kids and parents alike.

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