Bollywood’s Reaction Over Priyanka Chopra Making It In Time’s 100 Most Influential People’s List

Time magazine, in its annual list of exceptional artists, leaders, pioneers and icons, has named Priyanka Chopra one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Here’s the epic cover of the magazine with the actor, for which The Rock has written an awe-inspiring note about her.


He says, “It’s an amazing time to watch as she pierces the U.S. market. She has an ability to inspire people to do more and achieve more. When I look at her success from the 50,000-ft. view and see everything that Priyanka has already done, is currently doing and has the desire and the bandwidth to do, I can see that her impact is going to be invaluable.”

This is an interview of her for Time Magazine.

Here’s how bollywood reacted to her fame.

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