Bikini Babes on Mars? Breaking News from NASA.

All the perverts of the world were greeted this morning with this exciting news of Flowing Water found on our neighboring planet Mars. Vijay Mallaya and Hugh Hefner jumped off their respective beds on hearing the news excited with the possibility of the next Photo-shoot of Bikini Babes on the Mars riverfront. Damian Lewis who is the front runner for being cast as the next James Bond said in an exclusive interview, “I wish Bo Derek was 18 and not 58. I would have loved to see her emerge from the red salty water of the Mars ocean beach.”

The reaction to the #Marswater #Marsannouncement by NASA has had other reactions too on social media.

Who is ready to leave for Mars? The Indian politicians will wait for NASA to decode the caste structure on Mars before planning to leave India, we are sure.

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