Bending and streaching about Yoga after Narendra Modi SAID he will teach Asanas

Modi Yoga
Every-one has opinions about Every-thing, Every-time and Every Social media platform is used to express Every bit of it. Narendra #Modi said he will explain 1 Asana everyday.

There was a flood of tweets and reactions on Facebook. The #SayYestoYoga and #yoga started trending. There is a widespread appreciation

Controversies are bound to erupt whenever there is something highlighted about Hindu / Indian cultural traditions and way of life. There is a section of educated people who love to either demean everything that is Traditionally Bharatiya OR they are brainwashed by Politically motivated parties/sects operating to disintegrate the unity.

Yoga is a perfect example of Hinduism not beingjust a religion but being a Way of life. People with sane minds understand this and do not get hurt.

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