Apple’s Plans To Sell Used IPhones In India.

In 2015, the company applied to become the first company to sell and import used iPhones in the country, but the environment ministry rejected its request, claimed a Bloomberg report .

In 2016, Apple is making another push to sell used iPhones in the country and reportedly, the company is faced with stiff resistance from local players who claim that it will create a lot of ‘electronic waste, jeopardise local players and make a farce of Prime Minister Modi’s Make in India plan’.

“Make in India could turn into Dump in India,” said Sudhir Hasija, chairman of Karbonn Mobiles, to Bloomberg , underlining the stance of the local players.

Currently refurbished iPhones are sold in India, but they are sold by local third parties who have no direct connection with Apple. Apple likely wants a pie of this market because it will likely reduce the cost of owning an iPhone.

With the growth of the iPhone business slowing down in big markets like China and US, India is an important market, as India is the second largest smartphone market in the world. The iPhone business accounts for more than half of Apple’s revenue, which makes it critical to the future of the company.

Apple has also applied to get permission open single brand retail stores in India. The company is likely to soon get permission to open its iconic Apple stores in the country.

Apple, however, in its application has argued that it will set up facilities that will take-in discarded phones and refurbish them. Apple is also an industry leader when it comes down to environment friendly practices and recycling products. During the iPhone SE launch event, the company also showcased a robot named Liam who disassembles iPhones.

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