Anupam Kher Collaborating With Ashoke Pandit For A Film On The Plight Of Kashmiri Pandits

Anupam Kher has announced that he will make a film on the plight of Kashmiri Pandits. Economic Times reports that Kher has joined hands with Ashoke Pandit, a familiar BJP loyalist and member of the Central Board of Film Certification.

The film titled ‘Pandit’, will star Kher in the titular role and will be directed by Pandit.
“The movie will be about the “trauma, anguish, hope” of Pandits and also how they became “victims of genocide”, Kher said. He said it was “not necessary” that the movie would portray the predicament of the Pandits as “a crusade”.”

Earlier this month, when clashes between J&K police and students broke out in NIT Srinagar following India’s defeat in the T20 cricket series, Kher had attempted to visit the campus. However, he was prevented from going any further than the Srinagar airport by the police.

While no one can deny the cruelty inflicted on Pandits in Kashmir in the past, the timing if Kher’s film makes it look more like a propaganda that a mere cinematic endeavour.


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