Anti-Hindu Law Passed in America’s Georgia

Georgia recently made history by becoming the first state in America to adopt a statement denouncing “Hinduphobia.” Representatives Todd Jones and Lauren McDonald from Forsyth County introduced the motion.

How does it stand for the community?

Hinduism is the oldest and biggest religion in the world, with varied traditions and tenets that promote peace, tolerance, and respect for others also claims that the American-Hindu group makes significant contributions to a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, energy, retail trade, academia, science, engineering, and information technology. The resolution noted that there have been documented cases of hate crimes against Hindu Americans over the past few decades in many areas of the nation and claimed that some academics who support the deconstruction of Hinduism and charge its sacred texts and cultural practises with violence and oppression have exacerbated and institutionalised Hinduphobia.

What is the official’s stand on it?

Rajeev Menon, Vice President of the Coalition of Hindus of North America (CoHNA), was also cited by the Associated Press as saying Working with Representatives McDonald and Jones, as well as other legislators who helped us, was an absolute honour. He added, “We also heard that given the number of legislative items on the schedule, all the lawmakers had been working long hours, but they still chose to join us at the Advocacy Day to demonstrate how much they value the Hindu community.

“The problems faced by Hindu Americans in Georgia and the rest of the country via false, Hinduphobic narratives are adversely affecting a community that has been hardworking, law-abiding, and enriching the fabric of America,” said CoHNA general secretary Shobha Swamy. She further said “We pleaded for their assistance in battling such bigotry that promotes hatred and gives rise to the notion that Hindus and people of Indian origin need special laws and oversight due to allegations around some inherent propensity to discriminate,”.

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