Another Incident of Sport Fixing Delayed as Mohammed Siraj Reports to BCCI

Mohammed Siraj, a bowler for Royal Challengers Bangalore, reportedly sought BCCI’s anti-corruption unit after a guy reportedly requested inside information about the RCB team after he lost a sizable sum of money in IPL betting.

“Siraj wasn’t approached by a bookie. He is a motorist from Hyderabad with a gambling addiction. He went to Siraj seeking inside information after suffering a significant loss. Siraj promptly reported the approach. The individual has been taken into custody by the police. Additional information is anticipated, a top BCCI source with knowledge of the development told PTI under the condition of anonymity.

The BCCI has been quite severe with anti-corruption measures ever since the IPL spot-fixing affair in 2013 involving S Sreesanth, Ajit Chandela, and Ankit Chavan. The BCCI has a very severe policy regarding anti-corruption tactics. Each team has a dedicated ACU representative who stays in the hotel with them. Additionally, gamers must attend a required ACU training on dos and don’ts. Every player has been informed by the BCCI that they must report any corruption-related activities in order to avoid sanctions.

What Is Said in the BCCI Anti-Corruption Code?

“It is understood that the battle against corruption necessitates the quick reporting of all such methods, and any needless delay in doing so may reduce the efficacy with which the ACU BCCI and other pertinent anti-corruption agencies can safeguard the integrity of the sport. It is agreed that each instance will determine if there was an “unnecessary delay” on its own.

The BCCI’s anti-corruption code states that it is never appropriate (and will thus be considered an “unnecessary delay”) for a Participant to wait until after the match in which he or she was approached to engage in corrupt conduct before reporting that approach to the ACU BCCI.

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