Anant Ambani Breaks The Internet, Loses 108 Kilos In Just 18 Months!

The son of India’s billionaire couple Nita and Mukesh Ambani, Anant Ambani was finally spotted at the cricket ground during the first match of Indian Premier League (IPL) Season 9 between Mumbai and Pune.

No doubt, he left everyone in the pavilion ‘stumped’ by his transformation. Notably, Anant Ambani has shed 108 kgs in less than 18 months.

Anant Ambani did not want to lose weight by gulping down pills, heat belts or using other artificial ways. Reports suggest that his daily exercise included a 21-km walk. Thereafter, he would do yoga, weight training, functional training followed by high-intensity cardio exercises.

Anant ate zero-sugar, low-carb diet with just the right amount of fat and protein. Nita Ambani is very glad about Anant’s accomplishment since he shed the weight naturally. According to reports, Anant worked out for at least 6 hours every day.

“The determination and will power that he has shown in fighting and conquering the most daunting challenge is an inspiration for all, including myself,” Nita Ambani said.

It turns out that Anant Ambani suffered from chronic asthma as a child and due to strong medication, he gained weight. The doctors had warned him that losing weight naturally could be very tough for him. However, Anant proved that anything is possible if one has a strong will power.

His determination has also been appreciated by India captain MS Dhoni.

Anant has surely become an inspiration for all. Congratulations boy!


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