An Open Threat to Salman Khan: As Lawrence Bishnoi Interview goes Viral

Yesterday Lawrance Bishnoi a gangster from Punjab has given an interview to Joginder Patial and he commented about the grudges against Bollywood actor Salman Khan, Bishnoi said he never apologised to his community for the killing of black buck. He hinted that if he had the chance, he would take revenge for killing the animal. The Bishnoi community forbids anyone from killing animals or cutting down trees in their area.

“Our community is angry with Salman Khan,” he declared. He humiliated my community. A case was launched against him, but he did not apologise. Be prepared to deal with the repercussions if he refuses to apologise. He continued, “I won’t rely on anyone else. I’ve been angry with him since I was a kid. He will break his ego sooner or later. He needs to apologise in person before the temple of our deity. If our community forgives, then I will not say anything.”

Sidhu Moose Wala Murder Case

Sidhu moose wala murder was just a chain to take revenge from another gang who was involved in gurlal and Vickey murder, His associates Goldy Brar and Sachin concocted the plot. He acknowledged that he and Goldy had a fight a few weeks prior to the murder, and that they were planning to exact retribution for the deaths of their friends, but he was unaware of the plot to assassinate Moosewala. “At that time, I didn’t have access to a phone. I didn’t find out about the murder until after I was arrested for it,” he claimed.

On this Bathinda Prison Superintendent ND Negi said, neither Bathinda Jail nor any other prison in Punjab were used to record Lawrence Bishnoi’s interview with ABP News.

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