Amartya Sen raises a storm. Nandana Sen douses a fire.

Amartya Sen was made the dean of Nalanda University during the congress rule. His term has not been renewed by the current central government and Amartya Sen, who is a Modi hater, took no time in criticizing the government. As the controversy gathered reactions on Social media, there are attempts to malign Amartya Sen on his personal front too.

A few months ago Amartya Sen had himself withdrew his candidature as chancellor of Nalanda University but now in an interview has accused the Narendra Modi-led government for his departure and says they want to seize direct control over academic institutions. Amrtya Sen is forgetting that India is a Democracy and people bring to power a party whose policies they want to be implemented in the country.

Amartya Sen has married thrice and has 4 children, one of them being Nandana Sen, a Model and Actor who has little to her credit apart from some really bold scenes in the movie Rang Rasiya. Some Modi supporters and propaganda creators stooped real low to post morphed nude pictures of Nandana Sen relating those to Amartya’s ineffectiveness in managing his daughter. Nandana has however gone really bold and exposed without using a Body double in the movie rang Rasiya. Here is the video of Nandana Sen showing her breast in Rang Rasiya.

It is really bad on part of people to malign women by posting morphed images, but it seems there is an intention of pushing this agenda of making the Indian women depart the age old decency and get bold like Sunny Leone and Nandana Sen.

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