Christmas lunch at Kapoor family: Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor poses with their daughter Raha

The bollywood couple Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s daughter Raha have finally been made public during the Christmas lunch at Kapoor family. Posing proudly with baby Raha, the couple looked happy with their lovely smiles.

Ranbir was seen holding Raha in his arms in the photos. As the paparazzi took her picture, the young one gazed inquisitively. Raha looked adorable in a white Christmas-themed dress with wine-colored shoes and piggy tails, while Ranbir was dressed up in all black. Alia was observed wearing a reindeer headband with a Christmas theme outfit.

During the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit this year, Alia had said, “I don’t want it to seem like I am hiding my daughter. I am proud of her. If the cameras were not rolling right now, I would put a giant image of her on the screen. I love her. I am proud of our baby. But we are new parents. We don’t know how we feel about her face splashed out all over the internet, she’s barely a year old.”

Born in November 2022, Raha is now a year old. The hazel eyes of her great-grandfather the Late Raj Kapoor and charm and innocence of her parent makes her so adorable that you can’t take your eyes off from her.

Netizens praised her cuteness and adorable look

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